At Ecocentric, we see our role as:

1. Empowering individuals through skill-building and ecological empathy.

We teach workshops on urban gardening, organic farming, diy upcycling and systems thinking. We champion practical everyday solutions that address root causes.

2. Strengthening community resilience through localized initiatives and relationship-building.

We host, facilitate and create programs which positively influence the way communities share common spaces, support local economy and relate to each other.

3. Guiding early adopters in industry to champion sustainability in their core strategies.

We provide consulting services to development companies, retailers and services providers on their projects and corporate social responsibility initiatives.   

Who We Are

nisha lymun

Combined, Nisha and Lymun have 10 years of experience in design, implementation and coaching sustainable living based projects.

Influenced by the Transition Towns movement, Permaculture and the Sustainable Development Goals, Ecocentric Transitions has a strong interest in skill building to empower and mobilize communities.

  Whatever we do, we want you to walk away empowered to take meaningful action.