Transition TTDI in The Edge


We came out in a special pullout in The Edge, “Making Malaysia Better”.

The Transition Town movement came about because many people from all over the world were getting worried about issues such as peak oil (fossil fuel production reaching its peak and then dwindling to nothing) and climate change. Everybody was predicting doom and no one was proffering solutions or a positive vision of the future.

Enter Rob Hopkins, a permaculture designer from the UK. He came up with the idea of building resilience in local communities by transitioning out of high fossil fuel dependence into a more sustainable way of living. Part of this would involve creating resilient local economies that are no longer dependent on imported food and necessities to survive.

By building local resilience, people will be able to collectively respond to whatever the future may bring in a calm and creative way, he says. “By remembering how to live within our local means, we can rediscover the spirit of community and a feeling of power, belonging and sharing in a world that is just, vibrant and truly sustainable.”

That is why a few individuals in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, who share the same values and recognise the urgency of the mission, came together to create Transition TTDI, which will effectively be the first transition town in Malaysia.

As Firdaus Nisha Muhammad Faizal points out, TTDI was a natural choice to kick off transition as most of the residents are owners or long-term renters. They have a strong sense of place as well as a developed sense of community.

Here is the link to the full article.

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