Urban Sustainability


“To transition urban individuals and communities to a economically and ecologically-resilient future.”

Malaysia has rapidly urbanized since 1970s as we try to become a developed nation. More people live in cities and specialize in many industries. Urban living has brought benefits, but also problems related to natural resource scarcity, lifestyle and congestion.

As our urban centers continue to develop, whole-systems approaches are needed to address interconnected issues for long-term urban sustainability. Sustainability will ensure quality of life, as we deal with rising cost of living, social issues, shrinking public spaces and climate change.

Inspired by the Transitions Towns movement, we work with community groups, families, students and institutions to discuss, design and apply projects to promote sustainable living.

This topic incorporates:

  • Systems thinking to develop solutions that address root causes
  • Designing for community usability and long life cycles
  • Understanding how ecological services and functions support social well-being and economic vitality (flood control, clean air, reliable water supply, sustainable natural resources)
  • Strengthening local networks and relationships
  • Skills and bottom-up technology to empower everyday individuals to live more sustainably

Our work includes:

  • Community building and facilitation
  • Developing long-term strategies to transition to a sustainable community
  • Programming inclusive, multi-generational events
  • Upskilling
  • Awareness raising
  • Connecting stakeholders – residents, students, business owners, government



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